Launchpad ~bzr-core team bugmail subscriptions

Robert Collins robertc at
Sun Apr 8 23:15:50 UTC 2012

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 11:06 AM, Max Bowsher <_ at> wrote:
> Hi fellow ~bzr-core members,
> The ~bzr-core team currently has bugmail subscriptions to:
>  * bzr
>  * ubuntu/bzr
> I, personally, don't want to receive bugmail for bugs beyond single bugs
> I'm specifically interested in. I've muted those subscriptions as they
> apply to me, but I also believe that sending this bugmail to all ~bzr-
> core members current and future is an inappropriate default.
> I would like to remove those subscriptions, unless anyone disagrees?
> Also, the ~bzr-core team is explicitly subscribed to 9 individual bugs:
> - is there a reason for
> that? If so, should it be or is it documented somewhere?

I've removed the ~bzr subscriptions, they were indeed arbitrary (and
created by being bug supervisor I believe, so not intentional).

Explicit bug subscriptions are usually for private bugs; be careful
removing them - they grant visibility.

I've no strong opinion about the bzr / ubuntu/bzr subscriptions.


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