Google Summer of Code 2012 project for Bazaar

Andreas Sommer andreas.sommer87 at
Sun Feb 26 12:00:14 UTC 2012

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there's interest in offering a GSoC project for
Bazaar this year. From my side, I'd be interested to contribute to my
favorite VCS, but to be honest I don't have a precise topic proposal.
Bazaar Explorer would be a nice thing to work on as I think it could use
some improvement.

One idea would be to work a bit more on, i.e. improving support for
configuring diff/merge tools (and implementing it in the configuration
dialogs of qbzr). I think it would be nice to be able to define diff
tools in a more precise way, such as by file extension or regex. That
way, one could use special tools like the MS Word diffing scripts from
TortoiseSVN for *.doc files, or other tools for comparing non-text files
without having to use "bzr diff --using" via the command line. What do
you think?

Best regards,
 Andreas Sommer

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