TortoiseBzr 0.6.6 has released.

Iwata iwata0303 at
Sun Feb 26 01:33:25 UTC 2012

I've released TortoiseBzr 0.6.6 now.
This is compatible with bzr 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5.

Changes in this revision is::

* Now, TortoiseBZR can detect changes from terminal, Bazaar Explorer, etc.
  (Previously, TortoiseBZR only can detect changes from context menu.)
* "Checkout/Branch" menu is shown even if in the working tree.
  And if it is called against working tree, from-location is filled with
  root of the tree.
* Avoid to access to remote branch via lightweight checkout or stacked branch.
* Add Rename feature.(#408421)
* Try to decode unprintable error message as possible as we can.
* Add "Show ignore dialog" feature.

Bug Fixes
* Some commands does not work on lightweight checkout bound to
authenticated branch.(#920017)
* Make possible to add direct files in unversioned folder. (#937423)

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