Error with Bazaar through FTP: Unrecognised container format

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Feb 9 03:06:37 UTC 2012

On 8 February 2012 23:00, Fbe546 <fbe546 at> wrote:
> Yay, it works again if I set "self._has_append" to false in
> transport/ftp/!
> So it means, as you said, that the servers implements APPE, but it
> doesn't work correctly... We reported that to our host, let's see what
> they will say...
> Thanks for your help.

OK, that's interesting.  Would you like to try a patch to add a
configuration variable for avoiding append?

It may get pretty slow to read everything back as your repository gets larger.

When we write a file out in a single stream we could possibly avoid
APPE with some code changes...


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