Conflict resolution using Emacs

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Tue Jan 31 02:51:56 UTC 2012

> I think that's the problem; Mercurial doesn't generate conflict
> markers that smerge understands.  I haven't tried recently to see if
> any updates to either Emacs or Mercurial fixes this, or whether it's
> customizable.

Don't expect updates from Emacs's side (at least not the "vanilla
smerge-mode") because I find the use of non-standard formats so
inexcusable that I oppose pretty strongly any attempt to adapt
smerge-mode, insisting that it's the other tool that should be fixed.

> Next time I have to deal with a conflict in the Python
> hg tree, I may take a deeper look.

"hg merge --help" seems to indicate that you can use your own merge
tool, so it should not be too difficult to tell hg to use `diff3' and
hence get standard conflict markers.  This said, `internal:merge' should
really output standard conflict markers, and if not you should report it
as a bug in my opinion.


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