Can't branch projects on Launchpad

Dan MacMillan danm at
Wed Jan 25 22:16:14 UTC 2012


I only tried branching a couple of projects on Launchpad and they all failed the same way.

I did as you suggested and branched the project over bzr+ssh and it worked.  bzr+ssh is the method we use here to access our repositories as well.  We also have some repositories that we can access over HTTPS, and they also work here using Bazaar.  It just doesn't like Launchpad + HTTP for some reason.

At any rate, using bzr+ssh is a serviceable workaround.  Thanks for assisting me.

Dan MacMillan

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On 25/01/2012, Dan MacMillan <danm at> wrote:
> bzr: ERROR: short readline in the readvfile hunk: 'Bazaar pack format 
> 1 (introduced in 0.18)\r'

This is a little mysterious, does it happen consistently the same way if you try and branch different repositories, to different places? As you suspected, I have no problem branching that repo over http. One option, if you've not tried it, is to see whether putting a public key on launchpad, telling bzr your launchpad user names like it suggested, and branching over bzr+ssh has the same issue or not.

Apart from that, I haven't got any clever ideas.


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