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Mon Jan 23 15:07:29 UTC 2012

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Hi Jelmer,

I tried this with, revno 6443 and it didn't work:

$ bzr init --development-colo foo
Created a standalone tree (format: development-colo)

$ cd foo
$ bzr branches
* (default)
$ bzr switch -b first-colo-branch
bzr: ERROR: Cannot switch a branch, only a checkout.

On 12-01-19 12:40 PM, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Hi,
> Support for colocated branches in has now progressed to a
> level where it is actually usable. At the moment, colocated branch
> support still requires the 'development-colo' format. This should
> be merged back into the default ('2a') format for 2.5.0 so it would
> work out of the box with existing branches.
> Using it should be fairly easy once you have a branch in the 
> 'development-colo' format:
> $ bzr init --development-colo foo $ cd foo $ bzr branches *
> (default) $ bzr switch -b first-colo-branch $ bzr switch -b
> second-colo-branch $ bzr branches first-colo-branch *
> second-colo-branch $ bzr switch first-colo-branch *
> first-colo-branch second-colo-branch $ bzr rmbranch
> second-colo-branch $ bzr branches * first-colo-branch
> etc.
> switch and rmbranch are currently the only commands that directly
> accept a colocated branch name. We're working on adding similar
> support to the other commands, such as merge, pull, push, missing,
> branch and log. Until then, you can still address colocated
> branches for those commands by using their internal URL. It's a bit
> icky, but it works:
> $ bzr log file:///tmp/foo,branch=first-colo-branch ....
> or (if you're in the branch)
> $ bzr log file:,branch=first-colo-branch ...
> The known bugs for colocated branches can be found here:
> If you hit other bugs, please file a report. It would also be
> interested to hear your general impression of colocated branches,
> and what you like and don't like about it.
> Cheers,
> Jelmer

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