Conflicts in removed files

Algis Kabaila akabaila at
Fri Dec 11 23:26:03 GMT 2009

On Saturday 12 December 2009 07:56:46 David Strauss wrote:
> On 2009-12-11 20:35, Algis Kabaila wrote:
> > I apologise for what seems picking on spelling, as it is not - I am
> > genuinely concerned with what you report, as I had very little experience
> > in bazaar.  In svn I found that deletion of files outside of version
> > control led to chaos. What you describe here under bzr seems to be worse
> > than svn.
> I think you may be misinterpreting the scope of this problem. The
> problem is that (1) deletion in one branch and (2) a change to the same
> file in another *must* cause a conflict, and that's a nuisance for
> certain workflows. It is not a general-purpose problem with the deletion
> behavior in Bazaar.
> If you delete a file without using Bazaar's own command, Bazaar will
> simply notice and assume you deleted the file. It's quite streamlined,
> actually.

In view of the answers by Andrew, Alexander and David, would you write a short 
brief how we (you and I) can make up a simple (articially made) example to 
demonstrate the problem of apparently spurious "conflicts" at merge.  As I have 
described in my previous email, I am very interested in this, as I 

1. would like to avoid the problem you have.
2. I would like to see how it can be solved once and for all.

BTW, I accept Andrew's explanation of a reason for typical behaviour in 
several vcs.  Bazaar has a del (or rm) command, just as svn has, too.  In both 
of these major cvs tools, traces of deleted file would remain, but should not 
cause persistent spurious conflicts.



Algis Kabaila, MEngSc, PhD(Eng)

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