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Thu Dec 3 18:07:31 GMT 2009

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Forest Bond wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 11:39:50AM -0600, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> shelve1 existed for a while because there was a locking bug in shelve
>> (v2) that kept it from working on Windows. That has since been fixed. At
>> this point, the only thing shelve1 provides is that you can
>> interactively unshelve, rather than all or nothing.
> shelve1 also allows viewing a patch on the shelf without applying it (which
> might cause conflicts).  I super duper wish shelve v2 had this feature, but it
> is not enough to make me use shelve1.  The drawbacks (renames, adds, binary
> files, etc.) are too much.
> -Forest

Certainly it is a requested feature with an open bug in the tracker. I
believe it is under "bzr unshelve --dry-run" only gives the summary, and
not the actual diff.

I don't think it would actually be all that hard to provide. I would
guess that the merge preview code could be pretty easily used here.

Though it also depends, do you want:
1) The diff as it was inserted onto the shelf
2) The diff as it would be applied to your working tree

As they aren't the same thing. (The former cannot have conflicts, but if
you have applied similar changes locally, then they will also be
redundantly displayed, etc.)

I guess I should mention that as well. shelve v2 also uses 'merging' to
apply the changes to the working tree, rather than 'patch'. Which means
that it can handle a few more types of mutations that patch would find


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