selftest results for lp:bzr revno.4804

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Dec 3 09:41:56 GMT 2009

Vincent Ladeuil пишет:
> Some data for you from other OSes:
> - hanging *can* occur, using --parallel=fork helps when the hang
>   is caused by leaks,
> - slowdowns have been observed due to *socket* leaks. Roughly
>   speaking, some test servers use select() on a global pool of
>   sockets, the bigger the pool, the slower the select
> - leaks aren't reported when using --parallel=fork
> So please, when reporting failures and timings on windows, specify:
> - whether you used --parallel=fork or not,
> - how many CPUs are used (if applicable), 
> - how many tests leaks were displayed at the end (if applicable).
> In summary: depending on the OS, passing the full test suite may
> *require* to use --parallel=fork and 4 CPUs so that the whole
> test suite is split in parts small enough to avoid the
> leak-related bugs.

Most the machines I have around have only one core.
I think it was my mistake to try run bzr selftest again.
It was frustration in the past, and is now.

> 4 is the magic number such as:
> - it's greater than 2 where my OSX slaves fails to pass,
> - is smaller than 8 where my main desktop pass
> - is equal to the number of CPUs most of my VMs use (hardy,
>   jaunty, karmic, freebsd, gentoo) and pass
>>>>>> "Gordon" == Gordon Tyler <gordon at> writes:
>     Gordon> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>     >> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>     >>> IIUC latest improvements for selftest on win32 from John has landed.
>     >>> I've tried to run tests on lp:bzr revno.4804.
>     >> 
>     >>> selftest running for almost 3 hours on my Windows XP and finished with
>     >>> result:
>     >> 
>     >>> Ran 23081 tests in 9306.360s
>     >> 
>     >>> FAILED (failures=13, errors=500, known_failure_count=27)
> How many leaks ? This can be very important as errors and
> failures can often be caused by leaks.

Next time I'll try to grab this info (if this next time will ever happens).

Just for the record: running tests for scmproj which used sftp server to 
test remote server operations always ends up with

bzrlib.plugins.scmproj.tests.test_cli.TestCliRemote.test_project_get is 
leaking threads among 8 leaking tests.

And I have only 7 tests which are used TestCaseWithSFTPServer.

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