selftest results for lp:bzr revno.4804

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Thu Dec 3 09:59:13 GMT 2009

>>>>> "bialix" == Alexander Belchenko <bialix at> writes:

    >> In summary: depending on the OS, passing the full test suite may
    >> *require* to use --parallel=fork and 4 CPUs so that the whole
    >> test suite is split in parts small enough to avoid the
    >> leak-related bugs.

    bialix> Most the machines I have around have only one core.

    bialix> I think it was my mistake to try run bzr selftest again.

Certainly not ! What a strange idea :)

    bialix> It was frustration in the past, and is now.

I know. I have a work-in-progress that should address these

    >> 4 is the magic number such as:
    >> - it's greater than 2 where my OSX slaves fails to pass,
    >> - is smaller than 8 where my main desktop pass
    >> - is equal to the number of CPUs most of my VMs use (hardy,
    >> jaunty, karmic, freebsd, gentoo) and pass
    >>>>>>> "Gordon" == Gordon Tyler <gordon at> writes:
    Gordon> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
    >> >> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
    >> >>> IIUC latest improvements for selftest on win32 from John has landed.
    >> >>> I've tried to run tests on lp:bzr revno.4804.
    >> >>     >>> selftest running for almost 3 hours on my
    >> Windows XP and finished with
    >> >>> result:
    >> >>     >>> Ran 23081 tests in 9306.360s
    >> >>     >>> FAILED (failures=13, errors=500,
    >> known_failure_count=27)
    >> How many leaks ? This can be very important as errors and
    >> failures can often be caused by leaks.

    bialix> Next time I'll try to grab this info (if this next
    bialix> time will ever happens).

Thanks in advance. And please, try to collect the whole output so
we can analyze the failures and errors, the raw numbers are an
indication but unless we fix the leaks, they are extremely noisy.

    bialix> Just for the record: running tests for scmproj which
    bialix> used sftp server to test remote server operations
    bialix> always ends up with

    bialix> bzrlib.plugins.scmproj.tests.test_cli.TestCliRemote.test_project_get
    bialix> is leaking threads among 8 leaking tests.

    bialix> And I have only 7 tests which are used TestCaseWithSFTPServer.

That says nothing about other tests that can cause leaks, http
test servers, for example, are sometimes used in an indirect way
(which may be surprising).


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