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Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Dec 3 03:13:16 GMT 2009

2009/12/3 Ben Finney <ben+bazaar at>:
> Martin Pool <mbp at> writes:
>> I don't think playing "guess what my objection is now" in
>> mostly-irrelevant threads is really what Bertrand Russell had in mind.
> I appreciate your frustration; I hope you can appreciate that I don't
> raise this gratuitously, but only to correct fallacies like “anyone can
> play” when they arise.

Yes, I was a bit frustrated.

When I said 'anyone' I was also implicitly excluding people without a
modern computer or a reasonable internet connection, or the ability to
interact in English.  I mean no disrespect to those people but they
just seem like reasonable assumptions for people interacting with this
project, which tracks its bugs in Launchpad, accessed across the
Internet, in English.

>> So maybe you could put up a webpage somewhere (or find one you agree
>> with) explaining the problem with web app accounts, or with
>> Launchpad's implementation of it in particular. Then each time you
>> feel the urge to mention it on this list, you can just give the URL,
>> and we can see what persuasive power it has on their developers.
> I will try to find such an explanation, though the variety of
> misunderstandings I encounter has far exceeded my expectations so I'm
> not sure such a page will obviate individual responses.

I've never heard anyone else hold this position, so I think you need
to write it.

It seems that you don't want to help with bzr bugs as much as you want
to change the way the world thinks about identity and access.  That's
ok.  I can kind of sympathize, though I don't put the same priority on
it.  But if you actually want it to happen, you'll need to be a bit
more effective than just posting about it here.

Perhaps you need a "per-site accounts considered harmful" manifesto.
"Reply-to considered harmful" sets a good example.  I'm sure this is a
better use of everyone's time than us going in circles on this list,
which isn't even read by most Launchpad developers.

It will probably need some individual responses but then you can turn
them into faqs in that document and answer them only once.

Martin <>

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