branch specific rules - the latest proposal

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Nov 16 10:13:19 GMT 2009

John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
>> I spoke to Martin yesterday about this and our proposal is to store
>> branch specific rules in .bzrmeta/rules. This file will be versioned.
>> Some other important details:
>> * The .bzrmeta directory will be the recommended place for plugins
>>   to store "in tree metadata".
> Just thinking about this, I wonder if we would want a fixed file-id for
> ..bzrmeta. I know we did *not* use one for .bzrignore.
> I was thinking that it would certainly help reduce conflicts, in the
> case that 2 people both start a new meta-using function.
> Just a thought.

It does not help to auto-resolve conflict between 2 independently added 
"rules" files though.

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