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Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Wed Nov 4 13:47:41 GMT 2009

>>>>> "DC" == Daniel Carrera <dcarrera at> writes:

    DC> I meant to send this to the list earlier:
    DC> I just read the documentation for "shelve". It looks very neat - you
    DC> can shelve multiple sets of changes and unshelve them in any order.
    DC> Another interesting feature for me is the upload plugin. I'm a web
    DC> developer, my work flow is:

    DC> 1. Change something.
    DC> 2. Upload.
    DC> 3. Test.
    DC> 4. Repeat.

    DC> So my next question is: If I "bzr shelve" and "bzr
    DC> upload", will my shelved changes also be uploaded?

No. bzr-upload can upload any revision and try to do that
incrementally (i.e. uploading only the modified files, but
uploading them as a whole, not applying a patch like bzr can do

But doing so requires a mean to identify the remote working tree
as the exact corresponding revision. So you can't upload
uncommitted changes.

Short story: you need 1bis: Commit.

    DC> It just occurred to me that I could use Bazaar like this:

    DC> 1. Change something.
    DC> 2. Shelve it.
    DC> 3. Upload it.
    DC> 4. Test.
    DC> 5. Repeat.

    DC> When I finish the feature I unshelve everything and commit.

    DC> Would this work?

No. The shelved changes are neither in the working tree nor in
any revision, so bzr-upload just don't  (and can't) know them.

As other have suggested, you may prefer working with two
different branches (with or without using bzr switch).


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