Bazaar 2.1.0b2 ?

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Oct 28 23:51:17 GMT 2009

2009/10/29 John Arbash Meinel <john at>:
> So it took me a *long* time to get Bazaar 2.1.0b1 into a 'finally
> announced' state (2 weeks). Coupled with the fact that we were already
> behind schedule, it seems that 2.1.0b2 was supposed to come out... Today!.
> I think there is a reasonable amount of stuff to release. All of my
> StaticTuple and memory improvement stuff is available. Not to mention
> Andrew's very nice "bzr+http" Jailbreak fix.
> What do people think about possibly releasing tomorrow or Friday?
> Worthwhile? Or just too soon after 2.1.0b2?

I think, especially for betas, that doing them regularly is very
important, more important than whether there's "enough" in there, or
whether a particular feature is in yet or not.  Let's do it.

Martin <>

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