[ANN] QBzr-Eclipse 0.9 released

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at onlinehome.de
Thu Oct 22 16:05:38 BST 2009

> I think I may have a few bugs to report though, where is the right place
> for them?
>>> Is there still an assumption that only one of BzrEclipse and QBzrEclipse
>>> are installed?
>> There is no assumption about this. I have never tried installing both
>> alongside each other but don't imagine there should be any big problems
>> in doing so. I would recommend against doing it though as both plugins
>> will try to rename files when refactoring in Eclipse. But this shouldn't
>> cause any harm - I expect you will just see error messages from one or
>> the other that it couldn't move a file etc.
> I have had both installed from the outset as BzrEclipse works on the
> team menu and QBzrEclipse creates its own.  Also BzrEclipse annotates
> the file entries in the package explorer whereas QBzrEclipse doesn't.
Yes this is a missing feature. Maybe I can borrow the code from
BzrEclipse for this.
> I **really** like that QBzrEclipse uses exactly the same menus as Bazaar
> Explorer now :-)
Glad you like it.



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