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Emma Jane wrote:
> On Thursday 08 October 2009 11:45:49 pm David Muir wrote:
>> The four featured projects (Linux Foundation, GNU, MySQL, and Ubuntu),
>> should probably be linked to their respective websites.
> What would be the advantage of linking the logos from the front page of the 
> site? If people have arrived on the front page of the Bazaar site I don't see 
> why they would want to, or should need to, immediately leave to visit the 
> Ubuntu front page? (Probably LP would be more appropriate anyway?)
> If the goal of the link is to be respectful back to the project I think the 
> most flattering thing we can do is write a case study for how each of those 
> projects is using Bazaar and link to that. On the case study page there can be 
> links back to the home page for the project and an instance of Loggerhead if 
> it's available.
> Thoughts?
> regards,
> emma

I think we need at least 'title' so that people can figure out what the
logo means. I also think that on other sites, having the logo for a
group generally is used as a link to their site. So it is mostly the
expected result from seeing a logo. At least *I* expected it, and the
feedback seemed that other people did too.


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