Branching with a Central Repository

Harald Meland harald.meland at
Tue Oct 6 17:08:37 BST 2009

[John Arbash Meinel]

>>     # Now branch: it'd be nicer to just do
>>     # "bzr branch feature-gui" and automatically
>>     # handle the relationship to the current checkout
>>     bzr branch f:\root\ProjectGroup\Project1
>> f:\root\ProjectGroup\Project1\feature-gui
>>     # Bind to the new feature
>>     bzr bind f:\root\ProjectGroup\Project1\feature-gui
> generally "bzr switch" rather than "bzr bind" at this point.

You could also

  bzr switch --create-branch f:\root\ProjectGroup\Project1\feature-gui

to combine the branch+switch in a single command.

It appears that QBzr (and hence Bazaar Explorer) doesn't yet expose
the --create-branch feature of switch.

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