Bazaar Explorer Visual Tour

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Fri Oct 2 02:10:50 BST 2009

Algis Kabaila wrote:

> I also still plan to try to follow your steps in the visual tour, a tour which 
> I think is excellent.
> However, I need to learn at every step.  The only versioning tools I used are 
> RCS and Subversion and it is a fair jump to Bazaar.  I am sure that the 
> Explorer will be a great help to achieve that, but I will be blundering along 
> the way.

No problem.

The primary task is to run up Explorer, resize the window to a suitable
size (as a guide the windows snapshots are 625 x 451 pixels) and take
screen snapshots. The tool for doing that in Ubuntu is available under

  Application > Accessories > Take screenshot

The copyright for the images will need to be assigned to Canonical so
only volunteer if you're ok with that. Also, be sure to take screenshots
of a public project (like bzr itself).

When you have the images, let me know and I'll help you get them
committed to the right branch in Launchpad. I'm happy to provide the
text around the images.

Ian C.

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