Eclipse is unusable

Russel Winder russel.winder at
Fri Sep 25 07:34:38 BST 2009


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> hmm, looks like a bzr-xmloutput issue, as the error is related to an xml issue.
> Could you check the contents of ~/.bzr.log? there you should find if
> it's caused by xmloutput.

I'll send a private email (so as not to annoy others on the lists) with
the problems, there seem to be a few :-(  I am not sure how to directly
associate Eclipse actions with entries in the log so I can't just send
ones known to be due to Eclipse actions.  However I don't use xml-output
directly and the timing is right so it is fairly safe to assume they are
all actually stemming from Eclipse activity. 

> Also, if you'r using I landed a fix in bzr-xmloutput trunk yesterday.

I think I already have that version of xmloutput, I just did a pull on
the branch I have (lp:bzr-xmloutput) and there were no updates.


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