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Philippe Lhoste PhiLho at
Tue Sep 29 11:39:39 BST 2009

On 29/09/2009 08:48, Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> I'd rather not change that. "You/we" makes it more personal and is quite
> appropriate on a page like this. I agree it would be out of place in a
> whitepaper but this page isn't one of those.

I agree. I like neutral tone, but it is a bit impersonal (as we see it everywhere) where 
the Bazaar style has some personality... Even if I don't have team, I understand and 
appreciate the concern about people... :-)

>> I would also be very wary about not comparing or making other tools to
>> appear in a bad light.
> This is a difficult topic. Potential adopters genuinely want to know
> "Why Bazaar vs Xxx" and it's pointless rehashing the same material over
> and over on the mailing list and IRC. Capturing the key differences on
> Wiki pages makes more sense to me but it's notoriously difficult to keep
> it current as the tool evolve. The differences are often a matter a
> perspective as well, e.g. usability.

I agree on that too!
When I chose to adopt a VCS (after years of bad hacking with copies of files)... I was 
perplex by the number of tools!
I found very hard to choose between SVN, Mercurial, Git, Bazaar, Monotone and some others 
(CVS and older were at least out of the competition!).
I avidly searched comparison articles... But the problem is that a number of them are way 
outdated in this competitive and fast changing domain.
So keeping an up-to-date and semi-objective comparison is useful.
Somehow, choosing a VCS is a decision we have to assume for a long time, and not everybody 
has time and will to do a test of several ones.
Now, it can be also a good idea to point out that now, there are bridges between VCS, ie. 
in lot of cases you can convert your repositories if you feel like changing...

Comparison must show similar features, of course (you can do "that" too with Bzr!), but 
also point out net advantages (while it has them and not the competition...) like good 
renaming support and passive FTP support (these are two of the main arguments gaining my 
choice of Bzr, even though with LP I don't use the second, after all).

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