DRAFT 2.0.0 ANNOUNCEMENT (was Re: bzr 2.0.0 final code frozen!)

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Sep 25 05:15:05 BST 2009

Yes, something like that. Many thanks.

Robert Collins пишет:
> I've climbed through NEWS in 2.0.0 to try and get an overall 1.18->2.0.0
> feeling.
> Meta: This was a nuisance, NEWS in ReST isn't really suitable for the
> body of an email, and its not great prose either [its a list of items];
> what I have below isn't brilliant still, but I've tried to make it
> reasonable without spending huge time on it.
> -----
> bzr 2.0.0
> #########
> :2.0.0: 2009-09-22
> :Codename: Instant Karma
> This release of Bazaar makes the 2a format introduced in bzr 1.16
> the default when new branches or repositories are created.  This format
> is substantially smaller and faster for most operations.  Most of the
> work in this release focuses on bug fixes and stabilization, covering
> both 2a and previous formats.  See the Upgrade Guide for information on
> migrating existing projects to 2a.
> Bazaar 2.0 will be supported with bugfix-only 2.0.x releases for at
> least the next six months.
> The full NEWS since 1.18.1 is attached, but some highlights are worth
> including in the main announcement.
> This release also improves the documentation content and presentation,
> including adding PDF and Windows HtmlHelp versions.
> The keywords plugin can now expand keywords on files changed by the
> commit.
> bzr check in pack-0.92, 1.6 and 1.9 format repositories will no longer
> report incorrect errors about Missing inventory ('TREE_ROOT', ...)
> Clearer message when Bazaar runs out of memory, instead of a MemoryError
> traceback. 
> On Windows auto-detection of Putty's plink.exe is disabled. Default SSH
> client for Windows is paramiko. User still can force usage of plink if
> explicitly set environment variable BZR_SSH=plink.
> 'bzr branch --switch' can now switch the checkout in the current
> directory to the newly created branch.
> 'bzr branch' of 2a repositories over HTTP is much faster.  bzr now
> batches together small fetches from 2a repositories, rather than
> fetching only a few hundred bytes at a time.
> 'bzr push' locally on windows will no longer give a locking error with
> dirstate based formats.
> 'bzr shelve' and 'bzr unshelve' now work on windows.
> Cheers,
> The Bazaar Team

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