Explorer 0.8.2 tagged

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at canonical.com
Tue Sep 22 04:34:09 BST 2009

Alexander and I have added the final changes for explorer 0.8.2 in the
last few hours so it's now tagged and ready for inclusion in the various
OS installers/bundles for 2.0.0. I've updated the relevant configuration
file in the bzr-windows-installers project so the next build of the
installer ought to have 0.8.2.

I'll put together a formal release & announcement later today. In the
meantime, here's the Release Notes for those interested in testing the
latest changes ASAP ...


* Creating a new branch now implicitly opens it on completion.

* When a branch destination is outside a shared repository,
  the user is now told and given the option of initializing one.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed the ImportError of parent_directories for bzr versions prior
  to 1.16.

* Handle non-ASCII path to wordpad.exe.


* Added Czech translation.

I'm hoping to begin work on Explorer 0.9 later this week. That release
will hopefully include a better working-tree browser complete with:

* context menus exposing actions like Rename.
* better filtering of versioned vs ignored files.

Ian C.

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