[Bzr-windows] Bazaar Explorer hang - has anyone else seen this?

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Mon Sep 21 04:02:57 BST 2009

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Maritza Mendez wrote:
> So far I have seent his only on windows, but I can't say I have ruled
> our linux.
> This is bzr explorer 0.8 using Qt 4.4.1, PyQt 4.4.3 and qbzr 0.14 (all
> installed using the bzr-explore.exe I'm pretty sure).
> From time to time, the explorer seems to hang on "Refresh".  Although I
> usually keep the DOS box minimized, sometimes I can catch it in time to
> see what is in the attached screenshot.
> Sometimes explorer eventaulyl comes back after a few minutes.  Other
> times it is effectively hanged forever, liek this.
> Unlike previous reports in which I mentioned that this seems to happen
> only when there has been a lot of vcs activity (lots of renames, adds
> and removes) in this case there was exactly one differrece since the
> previous refresh and only eight small (less than 10KB) files with simple
> text changes.
> I had to paint over the filenames and the branch name for security
> reasons, and I figured some report was better than none.
> I've only dabbled in Qt, but it kind of looks like the main event loop
> might have gone berserk.
> I do not know how to trigger this problem.  When it happens, it consumes
> so much CPU that even killing it with the task manager is sometimes
> difficult.  It definitely does not respond to ordinary close events on
> the window frame.
> I will be in and out of the office this week.  I may not be able to
> respond to emails right away.
> ~M

So one of the ways that I've seen something similar, is if you try to
break into an event loop to use pdb, etc. (ctrl + break)

I don't know *why* PyQT's event loop is incompatible with pdb, but I've
at least seen it happen.

So my specific guess is that something is happening in say, a thread,
and that gets the event loop all confused. I thought I knew a way around
it, but I don't seem to be able to remember it right now.


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