[RFD] Milestone usage (Re: [Bug 422849] Re: Incorrect conversions in 2.0rc1 and bzr.dev)

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Mon Sep 7 03:40:44 BST 2009

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Martin Pool wrote:
> That's not what I understand it to mean -- though I don't mind checking.
> My evidence for this, beyond a general impression, is
> 1- they're called BugTasks, ie the task of fixing the bug

When we create a bug we get a 'BugTask' created and linked to the
Product table directly; tasks on a series are the same as tasks on a
product in that sense. So yes, they are there to track the work put into
 fixing the bug - but often a bug will be essentially a wishlist item
for a long time.

> 2- launchpad has a specific feature concept "infestation" for tracking
> "present in a series" and it's not done yet

Yup; thats kindof tied into my concern: if the meaning changes or
clarifies, we don't want to be left stuck using a feature in an odd way.

> 3- the control to create one of these is (mis)labelled "target to
> release" (should say "series"), not "mark present in"

I think the label is part of the general ambiguity about
series/releases/milestones in lp at the moment, I'd love to see this
with the edges shaved off.

> 4- if unprivileged malone users use that control, it creates a
> "nominate for fix in" which can then be accepted or declined by the
> developers

It does today; as long as we get some sense of where Malone is going in
this space I doubt we'll be massively surprised.

- -Rob
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