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Fri Sep 4 02:48:56 BST 2009

2009/9/4 Algis Kabaila <akabaila at>:
>>> On 2009-09-02 03:58 , Algis Kabaila wrote:
> (snip...)
>>>> My question feels out of place in this mailing list (developers list,
>>>> whilst I am a user) and this thread - I can not  find in the user manual
>>>> the command to run QBzr.  I have it installed from a debian package of
>>>> ubuntu.
>>> This mailing list is for users as well.  Your questions are welcome here.
> (snip...)
>>> QBzr provides many different commands (through Bazaar's plugin system)
>>> that can be accessed through the command line.  See ``bzr help qbzr``
>>> for a list of the available commands.  If you would like a Qt-based GUI
>>> for using Bazaar, the project that you want is Bazaar Explorer:
>>> -Neil
> I posed this question in a wrong thread, so here is the follow up in a new
> thread.
> Neil gave me vital information - Thank you.  I attempted to follow it:
> ak at amd64:~$ bzr help qbzr
> Purpose: The QBzr application.
> Usage:   bzr qbzr
> Options:
>  -v, --verbose  Display more information.
>  -q, --quiet    Only display errors and warnings.
>  -h, --help     Show help message.
> Description:
>  Not finished -- DON'T USE
> From:     plugin "qbzr"
> See also: plugins/qbzr
> ak at amd64:~$
> The advice on the third last line - DON'T USE - seems pertinent enough to
> follow it.  I guess one could ask, why include the plugin, packaged for a
> popular distro (ubuntu) if it is unusable, but that question would not win me
> any friends...

I think the help message is just out of date, because it does seem to
work for me.  If the main qbzr command is out of date maybe this
should refer you to explorer instead, or just start it?

> The bzr on my desktop is 1.13.1 as shown by the following:
> ak at amd64:~$ bzr --version
> Bazaar (bzr) 1.13.1
> I also installed bzr-explorer, according to the instructions on
> Here is the dialog on the desktop:
> ak at amd64:~$ bzr branch lp:bzr-explorer explorer
> This command causes a pop-up, asking "Enter password to unlock the private
> key.  An application wants access to the private key "xxx", but it is locked
>   Deny  OK"

This is because you have an account on Launchpad and bzr is trying to
open an authenticated/encrypted connection to it.

> I found this surprising, as I thought, evidently wrongly, that the private key
> is never never to be divulged.

You should not give it to other people, but of course you are allowed
to allow your own programs to use it.  Perhaps the message could be
more clear, but this particular one is not coming from bzr.

> Of course, Clicking the "Deny" gives a short
> message as follows:
> Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.
> Permission denied (publickey).
> bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions
> ak at amd64:~$
> Well, I did "break the rules" and gave the password and installed the bzr-
> explorer in ~/.bazaar/plugins.  Trying to run it, causes the following dialog:
> ak at amd64:~$ bzr explorer
> bzr: ERROR: No module named trace
> You may need to install this Python library separately.
> ak at amd64:~$ bzr bzr-explorer
> A reference to bzr-explorer bugs, indicates that the problem is fixed.  From my
> very fallible memory, fixed by requiring a newer version of qbzr.
> It seems that to run bzr-qbzr or explorer I need to install from source.  I
> guess I should also install newer version of bzr.  And that raises a question
> - which version of bzr?  I would like to start with a stable version.  Can
> someone please advise what version of qbzr I should install and if I need to
> first uninstall the existing ubuntu-packaged version 1.13.1?
> Or should I quietly wait for the new version of ubuntu?
> Your work and your help are greatly appreciated.

Your feedback is appreciated too.

If you want to run from the very tip of the branches then you will
need to deal with keeping everything in sync.

If you want something a bit fresher than what's in Ubuntu I would
recommend you use the official package archive here:

Martin <>

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