Case sensitivity

Larry Drews ldrewsNOSPAM at
Mon Aug 31 14:17:59 BST 2009

Alexander Belchenko <bialix at> wrote in news:h7ggaf$b4h$1

> Actually bzr has very good support for renames, and if you treat change 
> of case as rename (even implicit) and you commit this rename explicitly, 
> then there is no history hell as you describe it.
> So any interaction with windows file system should be done only on a 
> working tree level.
> Alexander

OK, so a working practical approach is as follows:

1.  When I acquire the source files and before adding them to Bazaar, make 
all of the source filenames lowercase.

2.  If, inadvertently, a filename changes case, use bzr rename to keep the 
history stitched together.

3.  If I am trying to track a StarTeam repository, good luck.

Any other suggestions?


Larry Drews

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