bzr-svn: Pushing existing BZR to new SVN repo.

Martin Pool mbp at
Sun Aug 16 09:17:52 BST 2009

2009/8/16 Eric Berry <elberry at>:
> Hello,
>     I have a local bzr branch which I need to store in svn as well. I've
> already created a svn repo to house it, but when I try to push the branch to
> svn, it says that the branches have diverged, and I need to merge. I can't
> seem to figure out the right merge parameters, as I get an error specifying
> that the two branches don't have a common ancestor, and none of the
> revisions I use work.

Normally if there is no ancestry in common then doing

 bzr merge -r 0..

will force it.

> I looked around the web for this and found a link to a non-existent page:
> Is there a new location for these faqs? Or could someone please send me the
> commands I need to use?

I don't know, sorry.

There are questions in but no faqs.

Martin <>

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