bzr 1.18rc1 source frozen

Andrew Cowie andrew at
Tue Aug 11 07:52:59 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 12:56 +1000, Ben Finney wrote:

> I think the terminology of discussing the workflow would make a whole
> lot more sense if the objects which *lead up to* a release are not
> themselves “released”. Otherwise it makes no sense to talk about a
> “release candidate”.

I didn't quite follow that, but

> Instead:
>     1.17.1 released
>     1.18.beta2 available
>     1.18.rc4 available
>     1.18 released
>     1.18.1 released

is clear indeed. Well done.


At the risk of bike shedding, we're doing:

4.0.11-dev  (what 'mainline' called itself at the time)
4.0.11      (release)
4.0.12-dev  (what 'mainline' called itself at the time)
4.0.11a     (oops)
4.0.12      (release)
4.0.13-dev  (what 'mainline' is presently calling itself)

only key difference is the hyphen between the third number and the "rcN"
string. Lexical ordering and all that. We only bother to announce
"releases"; rcs are mentioned in the IRC topic and a quiet email to

Frankly, though, so long as the release managers are consistent and
religiously follow $whatever style scheme, it really doesn't matter that



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