bzr 1.18rc1 source frozen

John Arbash Meinel john at
Tue Aug 11 04:51:47 BST 2009

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>> I personally don't feel any need to have an *rc* period for the windows
>> installer. I'm perfectly fine with "release X.YbetaZ-windows1" and then
>> "X.YbetaZ-windows2" if we find problems. The same way we are thinking to
>> do beta releases if there are problems with the bzr code. (step 3).
>> I would really *like* to not have to do a spurious extra build on every
>> release. If past history holds true, I'll be doing them anyway because
>> of bundling issues, but at least they won't be mandated by our release
>> process.
> Right,  builds with no changes but the version number are fairly clearly waste.
> Gary said earlier in this thread that he did want a source freeze to
> give time for Windows installers before the general announcement, but
> that's orthogonal to having an rc.

Right. I think having a "gone gold, go build the installers" is a good

I think we want Mac and Windows installers to get built within ~1 week's
time of the "gone gold", and then the bzr-announce@ email set once those
are in place.

Actually, I almost got bzr-1.18rc1 built within a day of the tarball,
but then I got hung up waiting for bzrtools 1.18 (not realizing Aaron
was out of town until the end of the day.)

So tomorrow should see 1.18rc1 win32 installers built.

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