Loggerhead -- trying to set up an instance

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at mattnordhoff.com
Sun Jun 28 07:14:56 BST 2009

Russel Winder wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-06-26 at 09:02 +0000, Matt Nordhoff wrote:
>> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>>> My understanding is that "serve-branches" is *the* way to start
>>> loggerhead, and the "start-loggerhead" is a dead end. I could be wrong.
>>> John
>>> =:->
>> You are correct. Loggerhead's trunk even issues a big scary deprecation
>> warning whenever you run start-loggerhead.
>> FYI, the trunk also supports starting Loggerhead with "bzr serve
>> --http", but serve-branches is more flexible.
> Now I am confused.  serve-branches is about starting a server for a
> branch in the foreground.  Great for testing but not much use for
> starting a server associated as a proxy with an Apache server that is
> going to work with a collection of branches.  start-loggerhead seems
> dedicated to that particular use case.

<http://bzr.mattnordhoff.com/loggerhead/> disagrees, although Apache
isn't my web server of choice. :-D

serve-branches serves a collection of branches, specifically those that
are children of the directory* you pass to it.

* Or, with a new enough trunk version, any Bazaar-compatible URL, as
long as it supports directory listings. :-D Not that that's particularly
*efficient*, of course. :-P

> --http isn't a valid protocol in the bzr help serve page.

Oh, right. You have to install Loggerhead as a plugin, and it's only
been supported in the trunk since March.

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