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On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:31 AM, Vincent Ladeuil
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> wrote:

> >>>>> "Maritza" == Maritza Mendez <martitzam at> writes:
>     Maritza> Hi Vincent,
>    Maritza> Thanks again for your interest in this topic.  Here's what I
> have done:
> Thanks for your work :)

My pleasure.

>    Maritza> 1. boot the jaunty box
>    Maritza> 2. attempt to run 'bzr selftest test_http.TestActivity.test_get
> -v'   <==
>    Maritza> that's the first test that fails, every time
> Hmm, ok, I get the failure again and I know why (see below).
> I also know why I failed to reproduce it this week-end during my
> other tests: even when using the installed bzr, I was still using
> the local bzrlib from my sources.
>    Maritza> 3. instead of running selftest, bzr produces a dbus
>    Maritza> exception -- terminal outout included in archive as
>    Maritza> file 'dbus'
> bzr-gtk related, reported upstream (dbus), fixed there, will find
> its way back.

Ah.  Good.  Thanks.

>    Maritza> 4. attempt to run same command again ==> runs
>    Maritza> without excpetion, but stalls on
>    Maritza> test_http.TestActivity.test_get(urllib,https,HTTP/1.0)
>    Maritza> The bit about bzr selftest throwing a dbus exception
>    Maritza> on the first try after login seems to be fairly
>    Maritza> repeatable.  I see a lot of speculation about this
>    Maritza> in bug reports, but I have no idea if it is
>    Maritza> related...
> Not related to our problem.


>    Maritza> 5. strace bzr selftest test_http.TestActivity.test_get -v with
> bzr-gtk(and a
>    Maritza> few other typical plugins) installed ==>
> strace_gtk_installed=yes.txt
>    Maritza> 6. test hangs in the usual place.  ctrl-C to kill strace.
>    Maritza> 7. remove *all* plugins (including gtk) from my plugins
> directory, so that
>    Maritza> only system plugins are present (bzrtools, lanuchpag and
>    Maritza> netrc_credential_store)
>    Maritza> 8. strace again, same options ==> strace_gtk_installed=no.txt
>    Maritza> 9. test hangs in the usual place.  ctrl-C to kill stace.
> Ok. Sorry for my insistence there but an *ssh* password from
> tests related to *http* was non-sense.

No problem.  I agree that it is non-sense.  I saw it only once.
Normally I do not report non-reproducible things.
But it was such bad non-sense that it had to be mentioned.  :)

> So I know realize that the ssh related one is certainly another
> bug, I focus on the http hangs here.
> <snip/>
>    Maritza> which suggests to me that it is the read() itself that is
> stalling.
>    Maritza> Thoughts?
> From the backtrace, going up to the test and doing:
> pp self.server._httpd.__dict__
> we get:
> {'RequestHandlerClass': <class
> bzrlib.tests.test_http.PredefinedRequestHandler at 0x225dd10>,
>  '_BaseServer__is_shut_down': <threading._Event object at 0x240dc90>,
>  '_BaseServer__serving': False,
>  '_home_dir': u'/home/vila',
>  'cert_file':
> u'/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/tests/ssl_certs/server.crt',
>  'key_file':
> u'/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/tests/ssl_certs/server_without_pass.key',
>  'server_address': ('', 40231),
>  'socket': <socket._socketobject object at 0x24132f0>,
>  'test_case_server': ActivityHTTPSServer(localhost:40231)}
> serving : False ? Huh ?

I see I must learn to use pdb.  This is a good thing.  Thank you for the

> Ouch, the test server is not running. So of course the client
> hangs trying to connect.

> cert_file:
> /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/tests/ssl_certs/server.crt
> I bet that file doesn't exist on your machine right (they don't
> on mine at least) ?

I will check.  I am sure you are correct because I have not done anything
special to the bzrlib in dist-packages.

> So what we have here is :
> - a bug in the test server, it shouldn't fail to start
>  *silently*. And the test setUp should just abort if the server
>  can't be started.
> - packaging bug, these test can't be run without these files,
>  they seems to be included in the tarball though, so I suspect
>  they are lost at installation time,
> Now, if you create copy the content from the ssl_certs directory
> from the bzr sources, the tests should pass.

That's exactly what I will do.  I will report back one way or the other.

Thanks for the tutorial.  As I said before I am only a casual python user.
So I'm actually getting a lot of extra learning out of this!

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