Using bzr with Hudson; problems getting to a branch on the local network

Patrick van der Velde petrikvandervelde at
Tue Jun 23 23:54:50 BST 2009

Hi All

I wonder if anybody has any experience with the bzr plugin for Hudson
( I've been trying to setup a daily
build based on a bzr branch. The original branch is stored on my local
machine and now I'm trying to get the build server to pull the changes
from that local branch. Here's the setup:

On my dev machine I store the bzr branch I work in (say in
c:\workingdir). From there I create a branch in a shared directory
(c:\shared\bzr) which is branched from the workingdir.

On the build server I can use the command line to get to the branch in
the shared directory without problems:

bzr branch file://<DEV_MACHINE_NAME>/share/bzr

But when I pass this same file path to the hudson plugin I get the
following error:

Fatal error (check log for details): bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied
to transport: "file:///Optima41/share/bzr/sp/": Win32 file urls start
with file:///x:/, where x is a valid drive letter

Could this be a permissions error (Hudson is running as a service
under another account than the one I use to login to the build
machine) or is it something else? Anybody have any ideas or
suggestions as to where to look?

Oh and I'm running the last release of bzr (1.16.1 windows standalone
installer) with the 'official' release of the bzr for hudson plugin.
Both machines are WinXP SP3 machines.



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