selftest prompts for ssh password ??

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Tue Jun 23 18:41:55 BST 2009

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 12:26 AM, Vincent Ladeuil
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> >>>>> "Maritza" == Maritza Mendez <martitzam at> writes:
>    Maritza> I have just taken the 1.16 PPA packages for jaunty
>    Maritza> and started selftest, with stdout redirected to a
>    Maritza> file.
>    Maritza> As usual for me, the first stall occurs at
>    Maritza> test_http.TestActivity.test_get(urllib,https,HTTP/1.0)
>    Maritza> That much is reproducible.
> Grr.

> Do you have bzr-gtk installed ? What version ? Can you try
> without that plugin ? I suspect the seahorse integration acting
> differently on your system than mine. Wild guess, but as since I
> can't reproduce it...

Yes, I have bzr-gtk installed.  Latest from lp:bzr-gtk.
But the stall occurs even if I selftest with --no-plugins.
So I don't think bzr-gtk is part of the problem.

> Another thing you can try: Ctrl-\ should drop you under the
> python debugger, from there issuing 'bt' will show you a
> backtrace that may help us understand what happens.

Thanks.  I will try that.  I'm a casual python user, so I appreciate the
expert tip!

>    Maritza> What is *not* reproducible is that on stderr (still
>    Maritza> attached to the console) I got this:
>    Maritza> SSH: bzr jim at password: SSH: bzr jim at password:
>    Maritza> Several attempts to reproduce this prompt under
>    Maritza> various circumstances (stdout redirected or not,
>    Maritza> stderr redirected or not) have all failed.
>    Maritza> Digging into suggests that bzr is
>    Maritza> waiting for an interactive response like 'jimpass'
>    Maritza> But as I say I have not been able to repeat this...
>    Maritza> I do notice some advisements that pycurl cannot
>    Maritza> prompt, but as you can see this error *appears* to
>    Maritza> be related to urllib -- not pycurl.
> Yet, I can run the full test suite if I uninstall pycurl...

Now *that* is interesting.
Obviously some tests are skipped if pycurl is uninstalled... but not urllib
I would think.
Maybe the dependency is more subtle than I thought.

>    Maritza> I say "appears" because I am assuming (without
>    Maritza> proof) that stdout and stdin are in sync, and
>    Maritza> there's really no good reason to believe that.  So
>    Maritza> all I can really say is "At a time when selftest has
>    Maritza> hung -- as confirmed by strace -- the last messages
>    Maritza> flushed to stdout and stderr are such-and-such."
> Oh, if you run with strace then the end of that trace may be
> interesting.

Running strace on something as small as 'selftest test_http' produces
several megabytes of data, which always ends with


where the 7 may be some other number.  It looks like even strace is
waiting.  This is reproducible.

>    Maritza> Is selftest really prompting me to enter a password?
>    Maritza> And if so, why have I seen it only once in numerous
>    Maritza> selftest runs or test_http?
>    Maritza> Any ideas?
> These symptoms *may* match the catch-all credential store
> installed by bzr-gtk. If that's the case, the tests are not
> properly isolated and that should be fixed.

Thanks.  You've give me a lot to think about.  I need to let this soak.

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