Dependencies in the PPA for Jaunty

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Tue Jun 23 05:17:34 BST 2009

Maritza Mendez writes:

 > I just keep thinking... bzr cannot be the only project which has faced this
 > challenge.  Who are those projects and what can we learn from them?  I don't
 > have a good project to offer as a role model yet.  But I am sure they exist,
 > because this challenge has nothing to do with bzr especially and should be
 > universal to all projects with active plugin communities.

Er ... Debian?  Ubuntu?  Red Hat?

Plugins are just DLLs by another name.  So this is just the problem
that distros face on a smaller scale, so you hope to do better than
the more comprehensive distros do with their sprawling collections.

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