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> Aaron Bentley wrote:
> > Maritza Mendez wrote:
> >> I understand what you are saying.  Requiring bzrtools to test against
> >> bzrRC is fine.  But we still need a mechanism to help people decide when
> >> upgrading makes sense for them.  That's what I was really trying to say.
> >
> > Upgrading in what context?  If you're using the debs from the PPAs,
> > you'll always have a known-good combination.  Same if you're using the
> > Windows .exe installer.
> Well, the motivation for my original post is that this is not quite so...
> Ubuntu distros contain a number of bzr plugins that are not in the PPA.
>  In my case that plugin was bzr-rebase, which is recommended (but not
> required) by bzr-svn.  Upgrading to the latest bzr means upgrading to
> the latest bzr-svn, which requires a newer bzr-rebase.
> So, the _strict_ dependencies are met -- there's nothing internally
> contradictory between the PPA packages -- but they do clash with other
> bzr-related packages in the distro itself.
> The only general solution I can see for this is to mandate that all
> bzr-related packages in the distro must also be maintained in the PPA,
> which I guess is tricky since the Ubuntu packaging team, the plugin
> developers and the core bzr development team would all have to
> coordinate around this.  (After all, you have no control over what
> whacky plugins the Ubuntu devs decide to include in the distro.)  But it
> does make sense to me to want to define a wider set of core plugins
> which will always be packaged in the PPA in versions compatible with the
> latest bzr.
> If it's not desirable to have so many plugins in the main PPA then
> perhaps there could be a 'use at own risk' bzr-plugins PPA which plugin
> developers could upload to independent of the main bzr team ... ?
I took Aaron's advice and went back to trusting the PPA's.  I really tried.
It was less than a day before I found myself driven back into the hard
choices Joseph is describing.

I just keep thinking... bzr cannot be the only project which has faced this
challenge.  Who are those projects and what can we learn from them?  I don't
have a good project to offer as a role model yet.  But I am sure they exist,
because this challenge has nothing to do with bzr especially and should be
universal to all projects with active plugin communities.

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