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I've just started looking at bazaar for version of my directories in my home
directory, and I'd like some advice on the best usage pattern and
automation. At this time, I would be the only user, but in the future, other
users might want access to subdirectories, where other directories would be
off-limits to them.

I have a home linux server (home), a Mac OS X laptop (laptop) and a work
desktop linux system (work). I've setup a repo and working copy on home for
a directory called Documents :

home> cd ~/Documents
home> bzr init

On my laptop, I keep a lightweight checkout (disk space) and at work a
regular checkout :

laptop>  bzr checkout --lightweight sftp://user@host/home/user/Documents/

work> bzr checkout sftp://user@host/home/user/Documents/ Documents

And, I'd like to update each of my systems daily (or more frequently) :

laptop> cd Documents
laptop> bzr update

and commit in a scripted or automated way (this version uses the automv

laptop> cd Documents
laptop> bzr automv
laptop> bzr add
laptop> bzr commit -m "Periodic commit YYYYMMDD-hh:mm"

Preferrably, the above update and commit commands could be done in an
automated or scripted way whenever I'd like to read/write to the repository
-- ex : turn on or shut off a laptop or work system.

Later, I might want to collaborate with colleagues on a paper I'm writing in
Documents so that they can make their own edits. (i.e. give them permission
to checkout a subdirectory of Documents for editing)

Is there a better way to setup a personal home directory versioning system
like this -- i.e. could I benefit from the distributed versioning features
of bazaar? Did I miss anything in my setup?

thanks very much for any advice.


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