bzr with bzr+ssh noisy and output muddled.

Maritza Mendez martitzam at
Wed Jun 17 16:48:45 BST 2009


Thank you for your collaborative leadership.

When I started using Unix 20 years ago (Hey!  I'm still younger than *some*
of you!)  the first thing I remember learning is "simple tools that do one
thing well."  The *second* thing I learned was "succeed silently."  I don't
know if Unix community can claim these as original, but they're good
principles.  And like all the best principles, there are exceptions.

So I would like to see an *option* to tell bzr to essentially "keep quiet
unless there is a problem" which would be accessible by (and hopefully
honored by) all bzr commands.  Quiet does not have to be the default.  Being
available (and documented) is enough.  This will make bzr script friendly.

Finally, I would vote to keep the progres bar available even after
transports are prefected.  There will be bugs, maybe not even caused by
bzr.  Knowing right away what stage the failure occurred in could really
speed up debugging.

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