bzr with bzr+ssh noisy and output muddled.

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at
Tue Jun 16 09:20:52 BST 2009

David Ingamells wrote:
> I have just upgraded from bzr 1.10 to and now when I run bzr  
> status with a stacked branch where the parent is over a bzr+ssh  
> connection the command first prints a progress bar and then the desired  
> output over the top.
> How can I get the bzr+ssh code to shut up and not print the connection  
> progress bar?

I believe it's actually the progress bar in general, not just bzr+ssh
(although network connections of any sort make it more likely to appear
because they typically take longer than purely local operations).

I think the bug report for this issue is
<>.  I think Martin has done a
little work on this recently, I'm not sure where that's at though.

> I do see that the progress is printed to STDERR, but STDERR is not  
> intended for such output. It is an abuse of basic UNIX principles to use  
> STDERR for non-error output. By using it for such "trivia" you risk  
> annoying many UNIX (power-)users.

I don't think there's a bug report about this, but I think this may have
been raised on the mailing list before?  It's probably worth filing a bug so
that this doesn't get forgotten, though.


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