Obtain revno difference between the last branch revno and the working copy's revno

Joao Pedrosa joaopedrosa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 05:19:23 BST 2009


When working with Bazaar I try and manage lots of simultaneous branches,
doing operations in a number of them at the same time just to save the
trouble to repeat
the operation on each one that needs it. So I can for example commit,
revert, pull and push
in batches. ;-)

But when I "update" in batches, I have not found a way to do it only when
it's needed to
save the unneeded processing of calling it when it's not really needed, but
just because
it is to work in batch I cannot tell which branch needs it or not and work
from there.

I tried reading two of the bzrlib files, workingtree.py and branch.py, but I
have not found
what I wanted. I already make use of Branch.revno for checking the
differences so
I can push and pull more efficiently, and it seems as if it's the only revno
from what I can tell and it comes from calls to last_revision_info.

I once overheard folks saying perhaps on #bzr that there are two revisions,
the branch's
and the workingtree's or working copy. As far as I can tell, there is no way
to retrieve
the latter's unless it matches the branch's. ;-)

Am I doomed? Having upgraded the format of my branches to "--2a", just for
testing it
on this desktop computer I checked the time it takes to run update on most
of the branches
and it took over 3 minutes on this quite fast machine. If there was a way to
update only when it was needed, I could save said minutes and more, as I
often run
upgrade on the server as well when I push changes to it and want to make use
of them
for running web sites and so on.

I am more worried about scaling this operation so I could grow the number of
without having to fear further.

Cheers and thanks,
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