Convert from local to shared

James Mansion james at
Sun Jun 14 10:03:35 BST 2009


I'm playing with bzr on Vista using the format that has EOL conversion.
I've been using local repositories  rooted in each dev project.

Now, I'd like to centralise things with a smart server so I can share with
assorted VMs under vbox or vmware - some of which don't have any
support for shared folders under virtualisation.

Some questions if I may:

1) Is a smart server the most practical Vista-hosted central repository
  engine?  (I'd really prefer something that can run as a service: its how
  I use svn at the moment: is that possible?)

2) I use a format with EOL native in my testing - theer is a suggestion
  in the docs that the format requirements for a smart server are a bit
  different - I really want the EOL handling, but will that be a factor only
  in the client branches, and the smart server format is independent of

3) How can I export the contents of my existing repositories and push
  them into the central one?  I'd like to take across the whole history if
  possible.  bzr send and then merge look possible but maybe I should pull?
  Its not clear to me how to do this since there is no branch relationship,
  I really want a 'dump the lot' and import.

4) Is there a way to disable particular plugins in a given directory tree?
  I tried to use bzrto manage local changes to a directory tree that uses
  svn to sync with the upstream repo, and it was assuming I wanted to use
  svn as a backend.  I had to remove the bzr-svn plugin directory to do
  what I wanted, but that might reflect ignorance of a better way.  (Also,
  a new bzr 1.15.1 install couldn't work with the latest svn I had 
  which was annoying)


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