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On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 14:07 +0100, Richard B. wrote:
> I'm happy with using Bazaar now, but have a general version control
> question. I develop in Visual C++ and only commit the source files,
> Solution/Project files and any other files which cannot be reproduced.
> When I commit a fix/improvement, I don't want to include the .exe,
> .dll and .pdb files, but I do when I make a public release (ie. so I can
> debug any bug reports from customers). I could add .exe, .dll and .pdb
> to the exclusion list, but then these files would not be versioned
> when I make a public release.
> What's the best way of doing this with bazaar ?
> Or, would it be best practice to always version these files ?

I have no idea what the official party line is, but my view is:

Never version any generated materials in the mainline or the feature
branches.  Likewise never version other people's material in the
mainline or the feature branches.

When it comes to a release, then when the mainline is tagged, take a
complete copy and add into it a copy of all the generated materials, and
any dependencies you want to track.  Best to label this with the tag.
Save and generally backup :-)

> I've also read that it's good practice to version compiler, lib, and
> include files, but these are stored on a different drive to my
> project/source files, so how can I commit these files with my project
> files ?

Are these part of the project or do you mean other people's stuff?
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