Couple of general version control questions...

Richard B. dj_deipotent at
Tue Jun 2 14:07:44 BST 2009

I'm happy with using Bazaar now, but have a general version control
question. I develop in Visual C++ and only commit the source files,
Solution/Project files and any other files which cannot be reproduced.

When I commit a fix/improvement, I don't want to include the .exe,
.dll and .pdb files, but I do when I make a public release (ie. so I can
debug any bug reports from customers). I could add .exe, .dll and .pdb
to the exclusion list, but then these files would not be versioned
when I make a public release.

What's the best way of doing this with bazaar ?

Or, would it be best practice to always version these files ?

I've also read that it's good practice to version compiler, lib, and
include files, but these are stored on a different drive to my
project/source files, so how can I commit these files with my project
files ?

Best regards,
Richard B.

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