bzr cp ?

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at
Fri May 29 19:12:45 BST 2009

J. Bobby Lopez wrote:
> I was looking through the documentation to see if anything like this
> exists, but haven't found it.
> Is it possible to do something like "bzr cp" to copy an existing
> versioned file to a new file name?
> Normally, If I wanted to duplicate a file and make changes to it, and
> also commit it to the branch, I would just 'cp file1 file2', and commit
> file2 as a new branch addition.
> However, if its possible to do a 'bzr cp' of some sort, where the the
> revision history of the new file would reflect the point where it was
> forked, that would be immensly useful.
> Is this wishful thinking, or is this possible with Bazaar today?

Bazaar does not currently support copying. It's on the to-do list, but
it's not a high priority, and it would take some design changes, so
don't expect it any time soon.


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