bzr cp ?

J. Bobby Lopez jbl at
Fri May 29 18:59:34 BST 2009

I was looking through the documentation to see if anything like this exists,
but haven't found it.

Is it possible to do something like "bzr cp" to copy an existing versioned
file to a new file name?

Normally, If I wanted to duplicate a file and make changes to it, and also
commit it to the branch, I would just 'cp file1 file2', and commit file2 as
a new branch addition.

However, if its possible to do a 'bzr cp' of some sort, where the the
revision history of the new file would reflect the point where it was
forked, that would be immensly useful.

Is this wishful thinking, or is this possible with Bazaar today?

J. Bobby Lopez
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