[rfc] bug handling priorities

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu May 28 15:27:43 BST 2009

Robert Collins [2009-05-28 21:37 +1000]:
> I think the heuristic you list makes sense project wide; I think though
> that it fails to scale as the community scales: fewer people choose to
> develop than choose to help support other users.

FWIW, that's what I explicitly pointed out in the talk: a developer's
time is better spent on fixing bugs, since there are much fewer people
able to fix bugs than to triage them. I was explicitly addressing the
developer crowd amongst us, since for some desktop team members it has
been the highest priority to keep their "New" bug count close to zero,
and I believe that's a very uneffective usage of our time, and
eventually a disservice to quality and our users.

If someone starts working in a community by triaging bugs, that's of
course _highly_ welcome and we encourage/mentor a lot of people to do
exactly that. It is a great way of becoming more familiar with a piece
of software.

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