[rfc] bug handling priorities

Robert Collins robert.collins at canonical.com
Thu May 28 12:37:16 BST 2009

I think the heuristic you list makes sense project wide; I think though
that it fails to scale as the community scales: fewer people choose to
develop than choose to help support other users. So we should as
individuals be biasing our own heuristics to accomodate that - and
training folk that are interested to help in the areas they are
interested in helping out on.

For instance, one un-mentioned thing is the machinery in getting a bug
triaged. For us that broadly means figuring out whether it is:
 - misfiled or really not related to bzr
 - a ui confusion issue [nothing strictly wrong but we should consider
it as we try to improve things]
 - a dataloss/corruption issue or regression
 - missing functionality
 - blue sky concepts
 - [maybe] a duplicate of another bug (but this is really tricky to get

These don't map precisely to launchpad bug flags, but I think thats
ok... the main thing is that this assessment can be done by folk that
know the UI without knowing the guts.

Anyhow, I like having a semi-formal heuristic we can recommend to
contributors, but I do think that we should be clear that its a project
heuristic, and as such doesn't fit everyone - e.g. someone that can't do
the release ;)

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