BEncode Pyrex

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Tue May 26 00:52:11 BST 2009

This is Alexanders' Pyrex patch, merged into current With this
patch and the BEncode revision serializer patch I see about twice the
performance as I get with the XML serializer.

I'm not sure about the patch itself entirely (so no [MERGE]), especially
the fact that it moves the core bencode to "bzrlib.bencode" while
leaving the existing python implementation in bzrlib.util. This makes it
easy for people to accidently import the python version while they want
the Pyrex one, if possible. Perhaps we should just move bencode to
bzrlib.bencode, deprecate the name bzrlib.util.bencode and move the
existing python implementation to bzrlib._bencode_py?

I'll look into this more closely tomorrow.


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