Launchapd and Bazaar branches

Martin Pool martinpool at
Mon May 18 17:20:42 BST 2009

2009/5/18 Russel Winder <russel.winder at>:
> Taking as an example.
> Launchpad shows this as having last revision 816.  However this is
> clearly a lie since:
> bzr log --short lp:~russel/gant/trunk
> reports 820 as the latest revision.  Does this mean Launchpad has got
> its undies in a twist and that I have to delete the branch on Launchpad
> and reinstate it from elsewhere?

There is some delay between pushing a branch to Launchpad and the data
being replicated into the web interface, so you may be seeing that, or
it may be a knockon effect of the issue below

> I also note that Launchpad is complaining:
> Revision {svn-v3-trunk1:d02f77da-47a5-474d-b610-f18e4bea325a:gant%
> 2Ftrunk:9219} not present in
> "9219 at d02f77da-47a5-474d-b610-f18e4bea325a:gant%2Ftrunk:artwork"
> which is not one of the most helpful error messages I have come
> across ;-)

This message typically indicates a bzr-svn bug.  I think there have
been several that produced similar exceptions.  I cc'd mwh who may
know more.

Martin <>

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