Milestone 1.15rc1

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon May 4 23:10:19 BST 2009

2009/5/5 Bob Tanner <tanner at>:
> On 2009-05-04 07:14:57 -0500, Alexander Belchenko <bialix at> said:
>> Can somebody shed some light on expected date/time for new release?
> I normally wait until I get some sort of hint from the developers that the
> code is in a reasonable state for a release.

I can understand why you'd do it, but it's backwards from what we
normally do.  You should just nominate a date, and we'll adjust our
work to fit.  If we need to slip it to fix particular things we can,
but we're meant to be time-based and we should start out from that
position.  Typically it's four weeks after the previous one.

> I weigh that with what I see at
>, ideally I'd like to see
> everything listed as "Fixed Released",  but I'll setting for all High and
> Critical issues fixed.

At the moment that has and both breakage in network
streaming, and I do think we need to fix and release them as soon as

Martin <>

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